In 2022, the Austrian Cricket Association (ACA) organized a series of cricket clinics for 1500 students at various schools throughout the city. The program was met with great success, as the young participants eagerly learned new skills and the fundamentals of the sport.

The teachers, students, and parents involved in the program praised the ACA coaches for their dedication and efforts in introducing cricket to the children. Despite many of the students being unfamiliar with the sport, they were eager to learn and quickly picked up on the rules and strategies of the game.

The workshops focused on teaching the children the proper techniques for holding and throwing a cricket ball, as well as batting and fielding. Additionally, the ACA coaches emphasized the importance of sportsmanship and fair play, which are crucial aspects of the sport.

As the workshops came to a close, the children left with a newfound love for cricket and a desire to continue learning and playing. The ACA coaches were thrilled with the students’ positive response and are already planning future cricket workshops in Vienna. Overall, the cricket clinics were a resounding success and an excellent way to introduce the sport to Vienna’s young students. The ACA coaches should be commended for their efforts in bringing the game to the community.

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