Cricket In Austria

The Österreichischer Cricket Verb and ÖCV-ACA was founded in September 1981 as a non-profit organization as the National Governing Board for cricket in Austria. The ÖCV-ACA has been an affiliate member of the global governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1992, and is recognized by ICC as the sole governing body for cricket in Austria. The ICC’s Affiliate Members are the governing bodies for cricket of a country recognized by ICC, or countries associated for cricket purposes, or a geographical area (which is not part of one of those already constituted as a Full Member or Associate Member) where the ICC recognizes that cricket is played in accordance with the Laws of Cricket. Further information about ICC Europe (ICC’s European office responsible for the Regional Development Programmed in Europe for ICC) can be found on the ICC Europe website. The ACA sends delegates to ICC Europe events and meetings, with two former ACA Chairmen, Andrew Simpson-Parker and Michael Bailey, having also served on the Tournament Rules Subcommittee and the ICC Europe Board respectively.


Having been recognized by the Bundles port organization (BSO) in 2007 as the sole governing body for cricket in Austria and its development, the ÖCV-ACA began procedures to be admitted to the Bundessportorganisation in 2009 as an extraordinary member. Sports are represented towards the BSO by their national governing body (Fatherland). A list of Fachverbände that are members of the BSO can be found on the BSO website. Obtaining full (ordinary) membership of the BSO is one of the ÖCV/ACA’s principle aims, as it would open up funding channels for cricket as a sport that will remain hitherto elusive, in particular given the fact that cricket, while having been recognised by the IOC as a sport in its Vancouver session in 2010, is not an Olympic participating sport – this despite having appeared at the 1900 Olympic Games.

The ÖCV-ACA is based in Vienna, but is equally interested in promoting cricket throughout all of Austria’s federal provinces (Bund slander). Following initial cricketing developments in and around around Vienna, subsequent developments have also brought cricket to Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Carinthia and Styria. Following its initially nomadic existence, with the sport having been played in public parks and on football and hockey pitches, the development of See barn Cricket Ground, in Lower Austria, operated by Vienna Cricket Club, in the mid 1990s was a major step for the formalizing of cricket in Austria. The ground has hosted numerous international tournaments, including three under the auspices of the European Cricket Council (now ICC Europe) in 2000, 2001 and 2003. In 1997 a second ground was established in Leschaco bei Velden in Carinthia, operated by CC Velden 91, which again has hosted a number of international tournaments, most recently in association with the Slovenian Cricket Association in hosting the 2011 ICC Europe European Division 3 Championship.