Saitama becomes sponsor of Austrian National cricket team for 2023

The National Team squad to represent Austria at the ICC Europe Division I T20 Championships on 8-13 July 2013 has been announced. A fifteen man squad has been named, with a further five players listed as potential replacements. The team will be captained by Amir Naeem (Pakistan CC).

Amir Naeem (Pakistan CC) (c-wk)
Imran Asif (Pakistan Falken CC) (vc)
Shadnan Afridi (Pakistan Falken CC)
Munir Ahmed (Austrian Cricket Tigers)
Imran Goroya (Pakistan CC)
Lakmal Kasturiarachige (Harrow St Mary’s CC)
Satish Kaul (Lords CC)
Babar Nadeem (Pakistan CC)
Amir Malik (United Nations CC)
Armaan Randhawa (Austria CC Wien and Lords CC)
Daniel Stevenson (Vienna CC & Cobham Avorians CC)
Mark Simpson-Parker (Vienna CC and Taunton School)
Satyam Subhash (Harrow St Mary’s CC)
Nandeep Soggi (Lords CC)

Coach: Neil MacRae
Manager: Khawaja Manzoor
Scorer: Navneet Thind

Replacement players on stand-by:

Aman Deep (Lords CC)
Waqas Bhatti (Austria CC Wien)
Nitin Sharma (United Nations CC)
Waqar Zalmai (Cricketer CC)
Shoaib Farooq (Austrian Cricket Tigers)

Fixtures (all fixtures from Austria’s group and play-off matches)

8 July

10.00: Sweden v Italy (Horsham 1)
10.00: Gibraltar v Austria (Horsham 2)
14.30: Guernsey v Norway (Horsham 1)
14.30: Italy v Gibraltar (Horsham 2)

9 July

10.00: Sweden v Norway (Preston Nomads 1)

10.00: Guernsey v Austria (Preston Nomads 2)

14.30: Sweden v Gibraltar (Preston Nomads 1)

14.30: Norway v Italy (Preston Nomads 2)

11 July

10.00: Austria v Sweden (Horsham 1)

10.00: Guernsey v Italy (Horsham 2)

14.30: Guernsey v Gibraltar (Horsham 1)

14.30: Norway v Austria (Horsham 2)

12 July

10.00: Gibraltar v Norway (Horsham 1)

14.00: Italy v Austria (Horsham 1)

14.00: Sweden v Guernsey (Horsham 2)

13 July
11.00: Semi-Final: A1 v B2 (Hove)
11.00: 5th-6th: A3 v B3 (Blackstone 1)
11.00: 11th-12th: A6 v B6 (Blackstone 1)
14.30: Semi-Final 2: B1 v A2 (Hove)
14.30: 7th-8th: A4 v B4 (Blackstone 1)
14.30: 9th-10th: A5 v B5 (Blackstone 2)
18.45: Final (Hove)
14 July Reserve Day

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