There are two positions related to National Team for 2014 that are currently open, which have to be filled very shortly.

The roles and responsibilities of the two positions are given below. Candidates wishing to apply for the positions should do so by 15 March 2014.

  1. National Team Manager
  2. National Team Coach.National Team ManagerRoles and Responsibilities of National Team Manager- To Plan and organise team trainings with International/ national coach
    – To maintain all facts and data of performances of players
    – To organise the resources such as transport and equipment and any other resource required for National Team according to the budget and suggest budgetary requirements
    – To coordinate with the competition manager, head of cricket academy, youth manager, Executive Committee and other National Team officials
    – To do on-site management of all team affairs
    – To resolve issues concerning team members (i.e.: conflicts, outstanding finances, etc.).
    – To ensure discipline in the National Team and to ensure that the players follow the discipline and act within the spirit of the game
    – Ability to communicate well both orally and in writing
    – Responsible for collecting and/or submitting Games related documents, as appropriate, before deadline dates
    – To arrange Team Travel and Accommodations
    – To make sure that the rules for the events are read and understood by team members
    – Any other duties requested by the Executive committeeThis position is voluntary position in ACA but a reasonable allowance will be provided for travel and other expenses.National Team CoachEducation and Experience:- Coaching Diploma
    – Proven previous experience as an assistant coach or coach at some level
    – Previous playing experience preferred but not essentialRequirements:- Ability to communicate well both vocally and in writing
    – Comfortable interacting with National Team and National Team Manager
    – Able to work as part of a team to achieve wider goals of the Austrian Cricket Association
    – Excellent planning and organizational skills
    – Ability to motivate National Team to enhance their performance and work well togetherDuties:- Conduct training and coaching for National Team
    – As a member of Selection Team help identify players suitable for National Team
    – Match day management, game planning, practice planning
    – Setting individual player and team development responsibilities that will help prepare the squad for competition
    – Travel and work the hours necessary to fulfil the role
    – Act as an ambassador for Austrian Cricket Association, promoting its interests and refraining from public criticism
    – Any other duties requested by the Executive committeeRemuneration- A reasonable allowance will be provided subject to all of the above conditions being metClub officers are requested to forward the job descriptions within their clubs, and applications and nominations should be submitted by 15th March 2014, by e-mail to @cricketclub.
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