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The Austrian National Team first played at the European Cricketer Cup in 1990, held on Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Since Austria became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council in 1992, and following the establishment of the European Cricket Federation (ECF) and subsequently the European Cricket Council (ECC), which has now become the ICC's European Development programme, known as ICC Europe, Austria's Senior Men's National Team has competed in a number of tournaments at home and abroad. The team is selected in accordance with strict ICC Europe qualification criteria, which while having changed over the course of time, have been used to ensure that players for the Austrian National Team have an active involvement in the furthering of cricket in Austria.

Year Tournament 
1990 European Cricketer Cup 
1992 European Cricketer Cup, Worksop
1995 European Cricketer Cup, Radley College
1996 ECF Nations Cup, Osnabrück
1997 ECF Nations Cup, Zuoz
1999 ECC Trophy, Corfu
2000 ECC Representative Festival, Seebarn
2001 ECC Trophy, Seebarn and Latschach
2002 ECC European Championships, Northern Ireland
2003 ECC Trophy, Seebarn and Markomannenstrasse
2009 ECC Division 4, Cyprus
2011 ICC Europe T20 Division 2, Belgium
2011 ICC Europe T20 Division 1, Jersey and Guernsey
2012 ICC World Cricket League Qualifier, La Manga, Spain
2013 ICC Europe T20 Division 1, Sussex
2014 ICC Europe T20 Division 2, Essex
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